5 to 9 - Music

It is often said that over time, classical music grows on you. In my case, it has grown to be large enough to engulf me completely. Music has become an addiction, not just a hobby. A reasonably large database of Hindustani Classical Music is my treasured possession, and I can listen to Pt. Kumar Gandharva and Mukul Shivputra nonstop.

I was part of the school choir (which clearly speaks on a certain error of judgement on part of the teacher) and soon - to the great relief of many, I stopped trying to sing. Like many other interests, I have picked up various instruments and left them. But now the Tabla has finally caught my imagination like no other instrument. I have started learning rather late in life, but the upside is that I don't need to compete with anyone! Not even with myself. Learning it at my own pace is the best part.

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