5 to 9 - Photography

My father first taught me photography on a Kodak Brownie box camera that dated back to the 30s. The first camera I 'earned' was a Agfa Click 3. Much later, I graduated to a Olympus OM-10. When the digital age arrived, I shifted to a fixed lens camera but once you are accustomed to an SLR, nothing else is good enough. Currently I am happy with my Nikon D70S.

The Kodak brownie would take a 620 film reel and give me 12 grainy B&W pictures. These days the memory card stores a few thousand. 'Saving' photos had a different meaning back then in the era of 35 mm film reels. It didn't offer me the luxury of being shutter-happy because the 36 pictures available had to be rationed over a two-day trek. Digital era might have made photography more accessible, but I sometimes miss the aspect of pondering over whether or not to click.

Yes, one had to let go many moments by not clicking, but when one did, it made the pictures memorable and worthwhile.


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