5 to 9 - Writing

As a writer, I can be best described as lazy and erratic. In school, every new year I pledged to write a diary (like most of us do) but never did it seriously, which, again, is what most of us do!

In 1989, I wrote a series of articles for a Marathi daily for an year. Each article featured a rare, endangered or extinct wild animal. A publisher has been chasing me for all these years, wanting to make it into a book. Photocopies of those articles, yellowed and frayed, must be lying somewhere in my cupboard.

A little story that I came across on the net inspired me to adapt it to Marathi. It would have met with the same fate as the articles, had Mandar Kulkarni not insisted that he wanted to adapt it for the stage. Students from an acting diploma course presented it as 'Nandicha Dongar.'

My random thoughts get expressed on the blog – Spirit of Exploration. I keep telling myself that I should write more regularly, but lethargy has been a constant companion....

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