One of the most memorable signs I have seen is in a Mahabaleshwar Hotel. With unmistakable candour, it proclaims “all our clients bring us happiness. Some in coming, some in going.”

These are some of my clients - who are still happy!

We have used the corporate training expertise of Mr Pushkaraj Apte on a regular basis for the last two years, both in large groups of 60-80 people, as well as in smaller groups of 15 people. He has a very effective style of training, communicates extremely well with the participants, and is able to elicit very active involvement of everyone. Most of his training sessions are activity oriented, which participants have enjoyed being a part of. His training outcomes have been remembered by the participants, and he really made a difference to our Company culture.

Hemant Jalan
Managing Director
Indigo Paints Pvt. Ltd.

Since 2008, Pushkaraj has been an active Associate of the company I head "Zahid Gangjee & Associates: Organisation & H.R. Consultancy".  This means that - though he works on his own - he has access to my experience and knowledge and, more importantly, I have access to his.  Whenever I need to offer learning opportunities that are creative and evocative, I turn to Pushkaraj for help. He has never failed me.  When I need a co-consultant who can remain calm and clear headed on difficult assignments, my first choice is Pushkaraj.

With the disciplined thinking he imbibed as a Microbiologist, the systems orientation he necessarily  practices during his Outward Bound facilitation and the depth of understanding human behaviour he has internalized through studying, formal exposure to human process work and numerous workshops he has run, Pushkaraj is not only excellent in understanding client issues but also in implementing interventions that allow real change to take place.

I am privileged to have him as my colleague.

Dr. Zahid Gangjee


There are 3 things about Pushkaraj which makes working with him quite value adding. His outside-in thinking ability helps the business, as a fast growing organisation can get carried away by its internal capability and loose sight of the external environment. Secondly his  engagement levels with a business are high - this ensures that he is clued in with the business needs and problems its facing. Many times he would come to me and share his observations on cross functional areas beyond the scope of his project. Thirdly an uncanny ability to remove the clutter and speak common sense in tough situations. All these three abilities has helped me over the last 4 years as he was a consultant to us while we grew 4 times in size during the period.

Kedar Rajadnye
Consumer Products Division
Piramal Healthcare Limited


I have known Pushkaraj personally since last 20 years and we at Snow Leopard Adventures have had the opportunity to work closely on several Outbound programs together. His knowledge and expertise for facilitation in the outdoors is commendable. He has helped us design some of our best Outdoor Experiential Learning Corporate Programs.

He was a member of our team when we conducted BG Energy Challenge. His ability to work in a large team on a critical project which had many variables and tight deadlines was commendable. He has great ability to interact with varied levels of people right from top management to the grass root level.

We wish him luck in all his future endeavors.

Ajeet Bajaj, FRGS
Managing Director
Snow Leopard Adventures P Ltd

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